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Structural calculations for recurring situations, with a high-level software approach.


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1. Software is a tool

The ever-increasing digitization provides us with applications of incredible potential.

On the one hand, this has multiple advantages: huge amounts of data can be monitored and managed with high computing power.

On the other, there are just as many pitfalls: the user runs the risk of setting aside his or her real needs or, even, his or her technical skills in order to adapt to the limitations of the software he or she uses.

The software we market is versatile, reliable and controllable: that is, it is a tool in the hands of the user, who retains full control of the processes and is thus able to fully meet his or her needs, thus creating added value from its use.

2. Whoever develops software, must be its first user

This sounds obvious, but it is often not the case. However, we believe that a structural calculation software should necessarily be developed by a structural engineer who also practices: only he, in fact, can know the needs of the future user. The same reasoning is applicable to other fields and creates added value to the application.

The applications we market are born and developed with this philosophy in mind: that is why they are versatile, efficient, and always on the cutting edge.

3. A software must be learned quickly

Simple or complex, a piece of software must be able to be used within a relatively short period of time.

Our applications, with varying degrees of complexity, have one feature in common: they require conscious use on the part of the user, who must rigorously know as much about their potential as about their limitations. We are therefore available to guide him through this continuous learning process, which will involve both the start-up phases and the subsequent phases resulting from the implementation of new features.

In addition to this, we always guarantee a support service for any doubts related to the use of the applications.