The #1 software for design and verification of steel structures

  • Unique software for structural analysis and design of steel, composite and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Automated stability checks in the 3D structural model, complete with all eccentricities and connection stiffnesses.
  • Integrated joint design module covering the most commonly used connection types.
  • Full integration in BIM.

Unique features


  • Automatic classification of cross sections based on the actual stress distribution;
  • Cross-sectional strength verification on plastic, elastic, and effective sections;
  • Fully automatic buckling verification based on the “general method” of Eurocode 3;
  • Design and verification of cold-formed structural elements.


  • Exact strain analysis resulting from bending, torsion, and deformation;
  • Second-order analysis, including interactions of internal forces and moments;
  • Global stability analysis, for all possible modes of instability;
  • Instability sensitivity analysis, with evidence of critical elements;
  • analysis of imperfections

Development team:

  • Continuous research and development of the latest steel design methods;
  • management and study of design problems outside of standard situations to provide versatile and practical solutions;
  • use of the latest IT solutions, including cloud-based solutions, to provide customers with simple and intuitive interfaces.

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